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The Indie Wedding Music Guide

The Indie Wedding Music Guide - Have a Full Dance Floor While Hearing the Music You Love

I’ve taken all of my indie music knowledge and experience and included it in this guide.
This guide will help you:

  • find unique songs that your friends haven’t used
  • plan out the perfect wedding music
  • help you guide your DJ to make sure that they play the music that you love

In the guide you’ll find:

  • Lists of not so well known (but still awesome) songs that you can use in your wedding
  • Amazing tips on finding the perfect songs
  • Insider tips on how to find the perfect DJ for you

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The Ultimate Indie Wedding Planning Guide

The Indie Wedding Planning Guide - A Step-By-Step guide of what to do

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned working with over 150 “indie” couples and laid out the perfect planning guide. This guide will help you:

    • find unique things to make your wedding special
    • save money
    • save hours of work by using resources that I’ve already found

In the guide you’ll find:

    • A schedule of things that need to get done and when you should do them
    • Links to resources and stores where you can quickly and easily buy the things that you need
    • An organized checklist of everything that you need to have fun (and avoid stress) while planning your wedding
    • Insider tips on where to find the newest and coolest accessories (I had some help with this one)

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Wedding Insider Podcast

In this podcast, I interview other wedding professionals to find and share wedding insider secrets with you.
This podcast will help you:

  • get amazing ideas for your wedding
  • learn about the things that you won’t find out by looking at pictures of other weddings all day
  • Plan an amazing wedding while commuting, walking, making dinner (or whatever you do while listening to podcasts)