Amazing Outdoor Wedding Dancing in Toronto at CaFFinO Restorante

Caffino Restaurant Wedding ReceptionCaFFinO is a really interesting restaurant, tucked away down a small passageway off of King at Dufferin. It has a small capacity but if you have a smaller guest list (less than 80), I think that it is a great place to have a wedding in Toronto. The decor and space is very eclectic and you don’t have to do much to make it look amazing.

An example of the interesting and already setup decor are these attractive candles on the bar.
Caffino Restaurant candle barStephanie and the CaFFinO staff were great and worked well around the tight quarters. The smallness is the one disadvantage to this space, but I think that it added to the unique and intimate feeling of Shelley and Dave’s wedding.

The ceremony was held in an alley behind the restaurant. When I first heard about this, I was a little concerned that it was going to be a strange place for a ceremony, but this is pretty much the nicest alley that you’ll find in the city. Not only that, but all of the other buildings in the area house offices, so on a Saturday afternoon, there is no one else around. Again having it here makes for a really interesting space that feels totally appropriate and special for a wedding ceremony.

Alley Wedding Ceremony Toronto

Dave and Shelley had small pot with different herbs for their wedding favours. I always am a fan of plants for favours and June is a perfect time for herbs because they can be planted and will grow for the rest of the summer.

Herb wedding favours

They used a vintage suitcase to collect their cards and added a hint of glitter to make a really sharp gift table.
Antique luggage card box

The rooster and vintage table come along with this beautiful space.

Caffino Restaurant decorations

The decor was a rustic chic feel and done by Fidan at Designed Dream. The tables and everything else looked amazing.

Caffino Restaurant wedding welcome

I especially loved the sprinkle wedding cake. It was simple, but also really fun and cute at the same time.
Sprinkle wedding cake

The dance floor was outside and it was a perfect night for dancing. It is always awesome to have an outdoor dance floor and it was especially great to have one in Toronto. This is extremely unique and it something that I haven’t seen at any other place in Toronto, and only a few other places outside of the city, like the Kortright Centre for Conservation.

Outdoor Dance Floor Toronto

Dave and Shelley (along with their super fun guests) had amazing taste in music. I had an amazing time playing for them! It was the first wedding where I’ve played Wolf Parade (a band that I love) during the dancing part of the night; I’ll Believe in Anything is one of the bride’s favourite songs. Thanks Dave and Shelley for such an awesome night.

Shelley and Dave last dance Caffino Restaurant

Venue: CaFFinO Restorante
Coordinator/Decorator: Fidan at Designed Dream

Amazing Outdoor Wedding Dancing in Toronto at CaFFinO Restorante by

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