Top 5 Toronto Wedding Cruise Options – get married on a boat!

Have your wedding on the water: Toronto Wedding Cruises

With a very high population density and a lack of privately owned green space in downtown Toronto, it is almost impossible to find a venue that offers the convience and prestigue of a downtown wedding while still celebrating in the great outdoors. One solution is to hire one of the Toronto wedding cruise lines. Having a wedding on the water can offer the convience of a downtown wedding without having to have your wedding in a hotel conference room.

If you happen to decide that you’d prefer to stay on land but you still want the birds to witness your vows, then check out this post: top 10 outdoor wedding venues in Toronto.

Here are the top 5 options that you have if you are looking to book a Toronto wedding cruise:

Nautical Adventure Cruises

Capacity: The Empire Sandy: 275 Guests The Wayward Princess: 325 Guests
Description: The Empire Sandy: Wide expansive decks and wood paneled dining areas set the tone for a comfortable, exhilarating experience. The Wayward Princess: Finely appointed in white and mirrored bronze ceilings, the passenger ship boasts large panoramic windows on two enclosed decks with formal dining and wooden dance floors. Walk-out balconies and an open air third deck make up this cruise boat. With three bars.

Phone: 416-364-3244
Address: 600 Queens Quay West, Suite 103
Toronto, ON M5V 3M3

Cruise Toronto

Capacity: OBSESSION III: 190 Guests
Description: OBSESSION III: A spacious sunlit/moonlit dance floor with fully retractable roof…great for all weather conditions. An elegant dining room with large windows to let in the terrific view, and a raised level perfect for head tables, presentations, or live entertain.

Phone: 416-260-6355
Address: 249 Queens Quay West, Suite 111
Toronto, ON Canada M5J 2N5

The Great Lakes Schooner

Capacity: 500 Guests
Description: Trillium: The charm of this classic ship captures your guests immediately as they step on board. Stroll the vast decks, dance to the best sounds in the Harbour, or casually take in the beauty of the passing scenery.

Phone: (416) 260-6355
Address: 249 Queen’s Quay West, Suite 111,Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5J 2N5

Empire Sandy

Capacity: 275 Guests
Description: Wide expansive decks and spacious wood paneled lounges set the tone for a comfortable yet exhilarating experience.

Phone: 416-364-3244
Address: 600 Queen’s Quay W., Suite 103, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3M3

Jubilee Queen Cruise Lines

Capacity: 20 to 235 Guests
Description: Each wedding is individually planned to reflect your unique personality and style. One of our in-house event coordinators will assist you with the planning of your ceremony, catering, beverages, decor, and entertainment.

email: not available
Phone: 416-203-7245
Address: 249 Queens Quay West (Suite 109) Toronto Ontario M5J 2N5

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Top 5 Toronto Wedding Cruise Options - get married on a boat! by

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