Indie Wedding Songs – First Dance

First dance at wedding

Indie First Dance Music

Here are five indie first dance songs that are highly recommended by Indie Wedding DJ Toronto with one very non-traditional bonus track. All five tracks are very sweet and would be a perfect start to any wedding reception. I’ve included links for your listening pleasure.

Stars – My Favorite Book

Neutral Milk Hotel – I Love How You Love Me

Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall

The Bees – I Love You

The Decemberists – Red Right Ankle

Bonus Track:

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

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  1. Hi Justin,

    I found your website through google. Although I am from the most traditional style, I found the songs pretty cool. That's it, for a wedding reception. I really really liked the 3rd song (The Bees – I love you). I've already listened to it 3 times.
    I guess I have to keep reading your blog and listening to the tunes to see if there is one that I like for a wedding entrance. Then I'd like to write an article about it.
    I also have to say that I learned something new from your site: The Indie style. I didn't know it. Thank you.

    Wedding Entrance Songs

  2. Am absolutely loving the Stars Justin- fantastic recommendation – going to invest for sure!

    Can't wait for our wedding just for the music- and the wedding itself I suppose too. 🙂


  3. Hey Robyn,

    Glad you like the list!


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