Corporate DJ Services Toronto

Corporate Wedding DJ ServicesLooking for a disc jockey in Toronto for your corporate event who will provide a professional service but knows and loves indie music?

Indie Wedding DJ specializes in DJing events where our customers love indie music and are looking for an alternative to the regular boring DJ companies. If you don’t know who LCD Soundsystem or Arcade Fire are, then we’re not the DJ company for you. However, if you love those and similar bands, then we are the only DJ company in Toronto that will “get” you. You can check if we’re available for your event by clicking this link: Check Indie Wedding DJ’s Availability.

Does Indie Wedding DJ only play indie music?
We know that many of the guests at your event probably won’t know what indie music is. To keep you and your guests happy, we won’t just play indie music but we will stay away from most of terrible music that you’d hear at a typical event.

What type of music do you play?
Here are some of the genres that we usually include in a set:

  • Soul/Motown
  • 60s and 70s rock
  • Non-cheesy disco
  • 80s Pop and New Wave
  • Old School hip hop and 90s Pop Rap
  • Indie
  • and a little bit of current pop

If you hire Indie Wedding DJ, we will work with you to make sure that you and your guests hear songs that you love.

Want more info?
You can contact us at 416.819.0924, or fill out our form to check our availability.