27 Amazing Beatles Songs for a Wedding

beatles 3The Beatles are a great source of music for a wedding.

Parents of the couple likely grew up listening to them and then all of the younger guests, including the bride and groom, likely grew up listening to them in the car or around the house.

For me, my mom always had on the classic rock station, which played a heaping of Beatles (once or twice a year, they’d play their entire collection over a weekend, from A to Z).

The Beatles can bring together generations and are well known by all and that’s why I play at least one of there songs at almost every wedding.

Here are some of my songs by the Beatles that I play at weddings:

    Beatles Love Songs For a Wedding

    Beatles First Dance or Slow Dance Love Songs

  1. The Beatles – Till There Was You A really sweet Beatles love song
  2. The Beatles – And I Love Her
  3. The Beatles – In My Life This one isn’t great for a first dance but could be perfect for the father bride dance or the mother groom dance.
  4. The Beatles – Here There and Everywhere This is a really sweet Beatles love song for a wedding. Could be used for a first dance or just during dinner.
  5. Beatles Songs for Dancing

  6. The Beatles – Twist and Shout I would say that this is one of the most popular wedding songs out ever. It’s easy for people to dance to (they tell you what to do in the song) and it is one the Beatles oldest songs. I personally don’t play it too often as it’s not one of my favs, but I do get to it once in a while and it is guaranteed to get people dancing (if you’re looking for that kind of song.
  7. The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love This is a great song for a wedding. It talks about love, have a great (easy to dance to) beat and is very well known.
  8. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There This is one of my favourite Beatles songs for wedding dancing. I’ve started many a dance floor with this one. It has such a fun energy to it 🙂
  9. The Beatles – Ob-La Di, Ob-La-Da I think that I’ve only played this one once or twice, but it can be a great sing-a-long.
  10. The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night Not quite a guaranteed dance floor hit like the ones above, but another good option with a great dancing beat + it talks about love.
  11. Beatles last dance songs

  12. The Beatles – Hey Jude I’ve played this as a last song a numerous weddings. It’s super fun to sing along to and it’s the perfect tempo (not too slow but not too fast) to end the night
  13. The Beatles – With A Little Help From My Friends Another sing-a-long that is somewhere between slow and fast and can be a great end to the night while surrounded by your friends.
  14. Beatles songs for cocktail hour or dinner

    The songs below are great happy/loving Beatles songs that are too fast for slow dancing (like a first dance) but too slow for a party.

  15. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun One of the only non-love songs on the list. I really like this one though because it is so happy.
  16. The Beatles – All You Need Is Love I’ve had a lot of clients use this for their recessional song. I think it’s a great choice.
  17. The Beatles – Something
  18. The Beatles – Eight Days A Week I always try to include a lot of “love” songs at weddings and this one is all about it
  19. The Beatles – Oh! Darling
  20. The Beatles – Love Me Do I love to play Love Me Do towards the end of dinner to try to get people in the mood for dancing. It’s an amazing toe-tapping track.
  21. The Beatles – Across the Universe (naked version) – I think this is also a great choice for a mother son dance. If you want more suggestions for that part of your reception, check out these 20 non-cheesy mother son dance songs
  22. The Beatles – I Wanna Be Your Man
  23. The Beatles – I’ve Just Seen A Face
  24. The Beatles – When I’m Sixty-Four A bit cliche but still a fun and appropriate song.
  25. The Beatles – Two of Us
  26. The Beatles – You Really Got a Hold On Me Another great toe-tapping love song by the Beatles.
  27. The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  28. The Beatles – I Will
  29. The Beatles – All My Loving
  30. The Beatles – Blackbird This one is perfect if you’re looking for a sweet background music type song.

27 Songs for the Father Bride Dance

father daughter danceLooking for songs for your father daughter dance?

Well, there are plenty of cheesy choices out on the internet, like Butterfly Kisses or I Loved Her First, which make a lot of brides want to puke.

Or how about an inappropriate choice like Daughters by John Mayer (please do not use this).

These are not what I’ve found for you. I wanted to make sure to only include songs that aren’t super cheesy or inappropriate.

So without any further ado, below you’ll find 27 great songs that you can dance with your dad to.

Note: Dancing with just your dad for over 4min can feel REALLY LONG for some brides. I usually find a place in the song between 2:45 and 4min that will sound right to fade out the song for my clients. You may want to do the same.

  1. The Beatles – Across the Universe (naked version) – If your dad is a Beatles fan, then he’ll love this not so generic version
  2. The Temptations – My Girl – Classic song. Everyone knows it and I definitely love it.
  3. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows – For a dad who’s daughter is his world.
  4. Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World Another wedding classic. Perfect for a bride who is looking for something that isn’t sappy.
  5. Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely – Written by a father about his daughter, Isn’t She Lovely is definitely sappy, but still has a fun vibe.
  6. Nat King Cole Duet with Natalie Cole – Unforgettable
  7. Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful
  8. Bob Dylan – Forever Young or The Band – Forever Young – a nice choice if your dad is a Dylan or Band fan.
  9. Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately
  10. Johnny Cash – You Are My Sunshine – Not typical father/bride dance song, but perfect if your dad is a fan of Johnny Cash.
  11. Cat Stevens – Wild World This one has a bit of a sad tone, but would be great for a bride and dad who are looking for something a little different.
  12. Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing – If you’re looking for something a little more modern then definitely check this out.
  13. Rascal Flatts – My Wish – This one is on the cheesier side, but parents seem to love it, especially if they have little bit of country on their ipod.
  14. The Beatles – All You Need Is Love – If you’re looking for a bit of a faster slow dance
  15. The Beatles – Here There and Everywhere
  16. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun – Just a sweet song (no lyrics about love and that stuff)
  17. The Beatles – In My Life
  18. Simon and Garfunkel – 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) – Another sweet not too sentimental love
  19. Ray Charles – Ain’t That Love This song has an awesome classic tone. Slow enough for a slow dance, but not too sappy
  20. Neil Young – Here For You
    This is an amazing song if your dad is a Neil Young fan
  21. Paul Simon – Father and Daughter
  22. Otis Redding – That’s How Strong My Love Is – I love this song and it’s great
  23. Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Teach Your Children Well
  24. John Lennon – Stand By Me or Ben E. King – Stand By Me
  25. Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – A really upbeat and classic wedding song
  26. Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous – Definitely sappy, but it has a really sweet message
  27. James Taylor – You’ve Got a Friend – This one is definitely a little sappy and has a bit of a sad tone to it, but if you and your dad want everyone pulling out the tissues, then it could be the perfect choice.

Is your groom to be still looking for a song to use to dance with his mom to? Have him check out these 20 amazing mother son dance songs.

20 Songs for the Mother Groom Dance

Looking for a mother son dance song? Here are 20 suggestions that will suit many tastes of your mom. There are more suggestions out on the internet, but a lot of them are either super cheesy or inappropriate.

Note: it can feel a little long to be dancing with just you and your mom on the dance floor for over 4min. For my customers, I try to find a spot somewhere between the 2:45 – 4min mark where I can nicely fade out the song. You may want to ask your DJ to do the same.

1. The Beatles – Across the Universe (naked version) – If your mom is a Beatles fan, she’ll love this striped down version of Across the Universe.
2. The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) – Not at all cheesy and not too slow.
3. Bob Dylan – Forever Young
4. The Band – Forever Young – A different version
5. James Taylor – How Sweet It Is
6. The Beatles – In My Life – This Beatles classic is super sweet, but a little sentimental. Watch out for tears when this song plays.
7. Stevie Wonder – You Are the Sunshine of My Life
8. Paul Simon – Loves Me Like a Rock
9. John Lennon – Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
10. James Taylor – You’ve Got a Friend
11. Van Morrison – Sweet Thing Moms love Van Morrison.
12. Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately
13. Johnny Cash – You Are My Sunshine – A very unconventional slow dance song. Perfect if your for moms and grooms who like to be off the beaten path.
14. Cat Stevens – Wild World
15. Carole King – Child of Mine
16. Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing – A more current, yet appropriate song.
17. Rascal Flatts – My Wish This one is a bit cheesy and you might not like country music, but moms love it.
18. Song for Mama – Boyz II Men – If you and your mom love R&B from the late 90s then this will be perfect for you.
19. Lynard Skynard – Simple Man – If your mom loves classic rock then this might be the perfect song for your mother groom dance.
20. Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World – I personally think that everyone has heard enough of this song but it’s popular for a reason.

Is your bride to be still looking for a song to use to dance with her dad to. Have her check out these 7 unique father daughter wedding dance songs.

Easily Find Your First Dance Songs on Your iPhone

I thought that you might be interested to know that there is an easy way for you to find and preview first dance song ideas on your iphone. FOR FREE!

I helped put together the iphone app, and there are some quality indie tunes on it.

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Indie Bouquet Toss Songs

Indie Bouquet Toss SongsThese days it seems like at least 50% of weddings are using Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) for the bridal bouquet toss song. Obviously, this is a perfectly appropriate song, and will probably be (over)used for the next decade for bouquet tosses across the land. However, being an indie music lover, I decided to put together some options for those of you who are looking for some alternative bouquet toss songs. Click the links to view a YouTube videos of the songs:

Indie Bouquet Toss Songs

Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways
No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand
Date With The Night by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Trying Your Luck by The Strokes
Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem
Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

In case your wondering which (non-indie) songs I play when I get to choose, here are a couple:
Girls by Beastie Boys
Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison

Leave a comment with your favourite bouquet toss song. I read every one.