Alternative Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Father and Bride dance

We have all been to weddings where the father bride dance song was a little too cheesy or slightly incestuous. Here are some music suggestions from Indie Wedding DJ that could be appropriate for a bride and her dad if they are trying to keep the party a little more lively and want to keep their eyes dry.

Non-sappy songs that are appropriate for a dance between a father and his daughter

If your dad likes classic rock then these might be perfect for you:

This song could be cute:

You can’t go wrong with these songs which have no lyrics:

Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade (Classic slow dance song without lyrics)

Dick Dale & The Del-Tones – Miserlou (surf rock)

Didn’t find something that you love? Check out these amazing 27 father daughter dance songs.

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  1. In the UK we don’t really have the father daughter dance tradition but I really like the idea. How does it tend to work? Does the father chose the song, or the bride or do they come to a decision together? Also, at what point of the day does the father daughter wedding dance take place. It definitely seems like it shouldn’t be a sappy song and your suggestions are pretty classy – I especially like the Glenn Miller suggestion – his songs are perfect for a wedding dance.

    Over here the only dance tradition we have is for the newlywed couple after dinner before the evening entertainment starts. Some of the songs choices can be really sappy but one the coolest things i’ve seen is a couple doing the dance from Pulp Fiction for Chick Berry’s ‘Teenage Wedding’ – Great Tune!

    • Thanks for the questions. Not every wedding includes this dance but a fair amount do. It seems like in most cases, the bride chooses and her dad approves/disapproves. It usually takes place right after the newlyweds dance (which is also typically after dinner) and can sometimes include a groom/mother dance as well.

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